Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Collection debuts!

If you stopped by the shop yesterday, you probably had your self a cup of tea and snacked on some eclairs. It also means that you were among the first to see the new collection of Marie Louise De Monterey!


Virginie said...

Hi Maria,

Congratulations on your fantastic article in the november issue of Vogue Australia...i was delighted to read this article, enjoy the nice photos, i wish i could be in France to visit your shop...i m in Australia, since i met my australian husband!!!! (i m a french girl)...i would like to know if the kids range will be available for the people down under, hi,hi!!!!!! looks fabulous...

Marie Louise de Monterey said...

Dear Virginie,
Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we have no plans for the kids range for the moment. We have just started an online store.
We just added a direct link from the blog. We may put some children's clothing online in the near future. Anyway nice to hear from you. I hope you love Australia as much as i love France!
Best Wishes