Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who is Marie Louise de Monterey? part 3

Lord Monterey, who had kept the affair and the child from his existing family; set about ensuring that Marie Louise was kept in Paris where she would receive the finest tuition and the greatest opportunities that a young woman of her age could receive. Though she was never considered ‘beautiful’ as a child; the blue eyes would consistently stop passers by on the street who would say “Enchante! Les yeux, c’est incroyable”. She naturally gravitated towards the arts: she wrote magnificent stories, cooked like a chef, played piano as though she were talking directly with each listener, painted in the fashion of the impressionists and sewed her own dresses. The more she learnt and the more she excelled the more her skin began to glow, her hair brightened, her teeth became symmetrical. She was becoming more beautiful with each passing day and when the Lord visited her he was more proud of her than of any of his other children. She was polite and cheerful and always attentive to everyone else’s needs, yet capable of still achieving all that she desired to know and do.

-to be continued...

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